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This is the homepage of a great podcast by two individuals who actively augment their bodies with technology. The hosts discuss a wide range of cyborg-related issues, such as RFID implants, cyborg religion, biohacking, parenting, and more. is a website that covers a wide range of scientific and technological innovations. With its generalist approach, Futurism covers topic ranging from artificial intelligence to nuclear fusion to medicine to space exploration. Most of the articles posted on the website are quick, concise reads, generally consisting of approximately ten paragraphs--ten information-packed paragraphs. Of course, there are some longer-form posts, such as interviews. Moreover, each article contains links to source materials and other related posts. The website also has other useful features. It has a page dedicated to informational videos for those of us who would rather watch than read the news. Perhaps the best part of the website is its carton section. In the style of The New Yorker's cartoons,'s cartoons are topical, witty, and hilarious. 

This website is the "virtual home of grinders everywhere." Indeed, it is a place where individuals may seek information about do-it-yourself biohacking and electronic-hardware bodily-augmentation. is divided into two main parts, a forum and a wiki. The forum is a wealth of interpersonal information. On it, grinders post how-to guides for various projects, ask questions, and provide their personal stories and experiences. The wiki looks to be in its early stages but does contain a lot of good content. Really, there is already a lot of variety on the wiki. It provides basic definitions, such as what are RFIDs; it divides types of enhancements into useful categories, such as chemical or implantable body modifications; and has important sections such as details on First Aid (for obvious reasons).