About This Site

As said on the homepage, the primary goal of this website is to begin examining the intersection between our cyborg future and the law (or lack thereof). 


Indeed, this will be a vast conversation. As will become evident as this website's hosted content continues to grow, there are many areas of the law that the merger of biology and technology will call into question. Just a few of these areas include hacking and bodily integrity, personal privacy for the web-connected mind, and programmed pacification impose upon convicted criminals. 


As such, this website has big plans. While we must start with a conversation, we must also consider education. A robust legal foundation can only exist with the input from many voices. Therefore, not only does this website encourage you to participate in developing legal theories and proposing legislation, we should all also strive to introduce others to our dialogue. 


In the end, this website's goals will only come to fruition with your contributions. Read the blog posts and comment on what you think they got right or wrong. Share your own unique ideas and perspectives in the forum. Finally, be willing to submit your own long-form articles for publication on this website's blog by using the contact feature. Here are the links for each option: 

For other ways to support this website, please visit the support section. 

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